History has repeatedly shown that all civilizations eventually come to an end.  The usual reason is that they finally cost more to maintain than they produce.  Will the cost of energy bring western civilization down?

How dependant is this city on the car?Western Civilization is vastly different than it was 100 years ago.  The principal difference is our use of energy for the home and transportation.  Homes and cities are built and designed around the use of electricity and the motor car.  As a result we are now dependent on a continuous source of energy.  There are a variety of sources of energy for generating electricity but what will happen when current sources of motor vehicle fuels are exhausted?  Part of this question is the assumption that there will be a progressive transition to a new source of energy.  The mind set most people seem to have is: first there was wood then there was coal then there was oil, next there will be another energy source.  People are forgetting that a lot of research has been done on this question and hydrocarbons have been used in transport for the last 100 years because they are the best system.  Ideas that Hydrogen is the long term answer is a Myth.  For example in the US incentives could be put in place for people to convert to hybrid cars.  This would reduce the dependence on imported oil and generate local employment making these vehicles.

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