Meccano Model Images

The images on these pages are a subjective collection of images of various Meccano \ Erector models that I like.  Mainly copied from spanner.

Page 1

Mike Holland's Allchin traction engine and Dave Harvey's showman's engine.

Page 2 Allan Barton's aeroplane, Rob Beijersbergen's chopper and quadracycle.

Page 3 One of Casper Mol's micro models.

Page 4 A Wabco mining truck and matching kenworth trucks to "haul" it around by Anthony Els.

Page 5 R�mi Lanne's free-lance "economic" blocksetter.

Page 6 A magnificent locomotive by  Mike Holland of Sydney Australia.

Page 7 The corvette HMS Campanula built by George Illingworth.

Page 8 Roy Whitehouse's Gas engine.

Page 9 Paul McMahon's orrery.

Page 10 Bentley BR2 Rotary Aeroplane engine, built by Russell Carr of Wakefield.

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