Astronomical Models continued

Below is model that I built in 1998.  It is based upon a plan published in the April 1973 Meccano Magazine.  If you have keen eyes you may spot a design flaw in it.  It did not become apparent to me until I built it! 

Orrery Meccano Magazine April 1973

Below is my very first attempt at building an orrery.  It was based on a "Model of the Month" featured in the June 1957 Meccano Magazine.  I has a very simple but effective gearing system.   Further models that I will build, I will base it upon this design.  It does not require the powerful but noisy ER15 electric motor!

Orrery Meccano Magazine June 1957

Finally here is a photograph of Modelplan 59 by Alan Partridge.  A wonderfully accurate and complex model.

Orrery by Alan Partridge

For more detailed photographs and an explanation of the mechanism and operation of  the orrery above go to the next page.

Powerdrive motorPower Drive Motor

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