NZFMM 2003 Hawera Convention

The 2003 Bi-annual meeting of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers was held during Easter at Hawera, Taranaki.

Gallery 1 Catalina Flying Boat
Gallery 2 assorted models ~ trains
Gallery 3 assorted models ~ mechanisms
Gallery 4 assorted models
Gallery 5 assorted models
Gallery 6 assorted models
Gallery 7 assorted models
Gallery 8 assorted models
Gallery 9 assorted models
Gallery 10 Meccano Motors
Gallery 11 The webmaster's prize
Gallery 12 Wellington Meccano Club's Dock Yard exhibit
Gallery 13 The Beatles
Gallery 14 1st Senior Prize ~ Simon Moody + video
Gallery 15 Marine Engine + video
Gallery 16 Revolving Motor Chassis + video
Gallery 17 Robotic Arm + video
Gallery 18 3rd Senior Prize ~ Don McClelland + video
Gallery 19 The participants

Hawera Water Tower

The Convention was held near the Hawera Water Tower on the left.

The Prize winners were:

1st Senior ~ Simon Moody
2nd Senior ~ Wellington Meccano Club
3rd Senior ~ Don McCelland

1st Junior ~ Ammon McClelland
2nd Junior ~ Jamie Besley
3rd Junior ~ Andrew Babbage
4th Junior ~ Kegan Wrightson

Club prize ~ Wellington Meccano Club

Bruce Baxter Memorial Trophy ~ Bob Prescott

15" Cube Competition
1st Bruce Geange
2nd Neil Carey
3rd Bruce Geange

Jack Parsisson Prize ~ Barry Babbage
Wes Dalefield's Webmaster prize ~ Neil Carey

The Saturday evening dinner setting with special place mats, Manawatu Wanganui Taranaki (the host club) decoration and 'lubricant'.

Octagonal Coupling part 63aPart 63a

Flanged Plate part 51dPart 51d

Seat part 324aPart 324a

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