Meccano - Hornby crossover parts

Meccano Limited also introduced "Meccano" parts into the Hornby range.

Image taken from page 157 of "The Hornby Gauge O System"  New Cavendish Books

These pedestrian overpasses came in a range of colours, the model shown above and a version with red and green trim.  The "Meccano" parts in the accesory were not standard parts, however they did follow the Meccano style.

Hornby always had the intention that Meccano and Hornby Trains should be interlinked

Reminiscences of a Meccano Lad:
Taken from Spanner on 01/01/2002, Bill Inglis recalls..

In 1939 or 40 this Meccano Boy was lucky enough for Santa Claus to bring me a Hornby No 1 Special passenger train set, Southern Railways Bournemouth Belle if my old memory is functioning correctly. Clockwork, of course, as we lived in the country and no mains power available.  As I only had  carriages I could not play "goods trains" so I turned to my trusty Meccano set and made myself ( I can still see it in my minds eye") a big log truck with bogie wheels, 12 1/2" angle girder chassis and  bogies with 4 x 3/4" flanged wheels at each end and carrying gum tree twigs from the paddock as a load of logs( typical of a 12 year old boy I guess), all this taken, no doubt, from the illustrations in the Hornby Book Trains which came with the set. To add realism to my Meccano wagon I purchased the necessary P/N 120 and 121's from the Meccano Agent in Melbourne. I guess that this was much cheaper with my meager resources than trying to afford to buy a big Hornby Log Truck. I think that the No 1 Special Loco found it quite a heavy load to pull...

This railway overpass with signals was described in the1928 Meccano Magazine page 344.

Part 20b, " Flanged wheelPart 20b

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