Mini Thrust Bearing

Part of a Flexible Plate Processor by Rodger Hill

To make a thrust bearing from standard Meccano parts, take the collar out of a universal coupling, part 140y.  Lock nut two washers into each threaded hole.  The washers must be free to rotate on the bolts and the collar must be free to rotate on its shaft.  Use two 3/4" washers, part 38d, as the bearing face.  It works beautifully, and is a delight to watch slowly revolving on a shaft.

Meccano Thrust Bearing

MW 168T

To the left is shown another alternative.  Use an MW Models part 168T which is the same size as a standard Meccano Washer and is fitted with six balls 1.17 mm (.046") in diameter.

Wes Dalefield

3/8" four hole collar, part 140yPart 140y

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