Meccano Parts that never were by Roland Jaggard

These are parts made by Meccano Limited at Binns Road.  They never left the model room to become standard parts.  This article is an extension of an article on boss fitting.

1]   Axles splined in centre.
2]   Metallic Blue finished strip.

3]   Nylon Bevel Gear #30.
4]   Nylon Bevel Gear #30a.
5]   Cadmium plated [?] #30c.
6]   Buff coloured Nylon #27d.
7]   Buff coloured Nylon #27d painted Mustard Yellow.

8]   White plastic strip.
9]   Nylon plastic strip. [More flexible than No8]

10] to 15] Nylon and plastic #74's and #127a's.
16] Note extra thickness of the plastic/Nylon items 10 to 15 compared to the standard metal parts.

17] Nylon Pinion #26c Note the Nylon has split when the boss was pressed in.  This problem was never overcome with this gear which is why it was not put into production.
18] to 20] Metallic Blue finished #164; # 215 and # 89.

Further note: on the plastic / Nylon parts 8 to 15 the holes are not large enough to allow rods to pass through. Also one end of the holes is radiused and the other end is sharp edged as a result of the moulding process. This can make it difficult to get bolts through. 

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