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It should be noted that the very first sets had a blue cardboard box containing the screws and small parts as shown in the image below rather than the red one shown image above.  In the first sets the fibre insulated plates were black, as in the sets shown.  However in later sets, carbon black was removed from the compound forming the fibre insulated plates, making them stronger.  These parts then became brown in colour.  For more information on Elektrikit, visit Melvyn Wright's excellent website on the Light Red & Green Period

Photographs courtesy of Roland Jaggard and Andrew Allan.

The English Elektrikit was based upon the French set shown below:

The above two photographs courtesy of James Bobyn

Meccano Ltd ran into problems with people expecting the set to be a stand alone set so they produced the 4EL set in 1970 which was a combination of an Elektrikit and a set 4.  They also stopped adding carbon black to the insulated parts because this made them brittle, this resulted in the parts being brown rather than black.  This is shown below.  Click on images if you want a larger view.

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