Set 2
Super Junior

Zinc/Black/Yellow set 2.  All the sets in this period had a name as well as a number.

Below are two versions of the Super Junior Set 2 from around 1968-70. The first has brass nuts and bolts and is laid out in a bigger box. The 2nd type is shrink wrapped around the polystyrene and has zinc nuts and bolts.  The first image is of the manuals that came with the sets and the guarantee form.

Below: The picture of the back of the box, with the models is the rear of the earlier larger
format box shown above.


Above is the first type, below is the smaller second type.  Note the change of nut/bolt finish.

Photographs courtesy of Richard Payn.


Below is another set layout supplied by Martin Hanson.  It is not complete but shows the layout.


The Black/Yellow/Silver/Zinc era is badly served by Meccano Ltd advertising literature so surprises still turn up.

The attached pictures show three, part layout, variations of the Super Junior No2 Set.  The 1967 No2 Set has a red Meccano label near identical to the later French
set logos but of a much earlier date.

Photographs courtesy of Roland Jaggard.

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