Paint Removal using chemicals by Roberto Guaitolini

Copied and adapted from spanner. February 2001

All the paint materials used by Binns Road up to 1978 can be removed using Caustic Soda, or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).  

I have prepared for repainting, hundred of pieces as follows:

- remove paint with approximately 10% NaOH solution
- wash under tap water, remove by scratching any residual paint
- the piece can stand alone at this stage, any rust formed with time is not a problem
- immediately before painting, immerse for 5 minutes with  3% Phosphoric Acid at 90C; rinse with hot water, and let dry.

Note that powder coat paints, which were used by Binns Road briefly in 1978 with their Dark Blue finish and by Meccano S.A. at Calais, need to be immersed in di-chloromethane or similar.

Caution, Caustic Soda, and hot Phosphoric Acid, are highly corrosive to the skin and eyes, gloves should be worn and some form of eye protection is essential.

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