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Pauli's Meccano Page

This is a simple little page that contains some information about my dealings with Meccano.

Models I've built and Photographed

Here are some of the models I've built. In the past I haven't bothered taking pictures and when I did, I didn't bother scanning them in etc.

If you click on a picture you will be moved to another web page that provides a more detailed description of that model and in many cases some extra (larger) pictures. I've also got an overview of these models with brief descriptions and larger pictures.

Robot Arm Dockyard Crane
Windmill Junior Train Small truck Ten Set Blocksetting Crane
Junior Windmill

Pecking Bird

Vertical Log Saw

Other Meccano Pages

To find other Meccano websites use the Meccano Web Ring at the top of this page.

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