An average energy use day

After spending a day working, the average worker and his family relax in front of the TV.
 How much energy does he use per day?




Five hours of watching TV /day  

         5 TVH

3000 calories of eating /day  

       36 TVH

2 Grande Starbucks Coffee /day  

         1 TVH

4 cans of coke /day  

         7 TVH

Throwing out the 4 empty coke cans /day  

       12 TVH

Newspaper not recycled /day  

       10 TVH

Electricity for home /day  

     240 TVH

Gas for home /day  

     100 TVH

2 Gallons gasoline /day  

     640 TVH

Barbeque Briquettes and Lighter Fluid /day  

       30 TVH

Fire in Fireplace /day  

     200 TVH

Mowing lawn with gas mower /day  

       64 TVH

Not recycling plastics, glass, metals, paper /day  

     200 TVH

Total TVHs used per day living the American way  

  1,545 TVH

These figures are compiled for the average person.  How do you compare?  How much fuel do you put in your car each week?  Is it greater or less than 2 gallons a day?  Do you recycle newspaper/food containers?

Another way of looking at the situation, is to consider the whole US economy not just a one person's consumption in house.  These are the data for the USA:

Primary Energy Source  


Crude oil  (all uses)  


Natural gas (all uses)  


Coal  (all uses)  


Nuclear electric power  


Hydroelectric power  


Other renewable electric power  


Wood and biomass burned  


Total TVH/person/day  


Quads per year (10 to the 15 BTUS)         98
Population of USA                                  290 million

What does all of this mean?  It means the average American as part of living and producing the American Dream uses 2,713.5 TVH each day or they could watch 113 24" tube TVs constantly 24 hours a day, 365 days per year with all the energy we consume.


 TVH / person / day

 # of 24" TVs running all day /person




Whole world 






As there are 6.7 billion people on earth and as we have 21.1 TVs going all the time per person, the energy used on earth could run 141.4 billion TVs, of which 32.8 billion are running in the USA

Lindsay Leveen 2003

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