An average energy use year

 How much energy does a person use per year?




Gasoline used driving a Hummer H2 15,000 miles / year 

       550,000 TVH

Gasoline used in a mid sized automobile 15,000 miles / year 

       275,000 TVH

Gasoline used in a Toyota Prius hybrid 15,000 miles / year  

       100,000 TVH

 Electricity used by the average US home / year  

         73,000 TVH

Air conditioning the average home / year  

         20,000 TVH

1990 Model 18 ft3 refrigerator / year 

         12,000 TVH

Watching six hours of TV on a plasma TV every day / year 

         10,950 TVH

Air conditioning a home with new air conditioners / year 

         10,000 TVH

Constantly running a 100 watt incandescent light bulb / year 

           8,760 TVH

2003 Model 18 ft3 refrigerator / year 

           4,850 TVH

Constantly running a florescent light bulb / year 

           2,920 TVH

Watching six hours of TV on a 24” tube TV every day / year 

           2,190 TVH

Not recycling 537 soda cans the average person drinks / year 

           1,611 TVH

Watching six hours of TV on a LCD TV / year  

              657 TVH

As can be seen in the table above.  The greatest usage of energy occurs in the automobile.

Lindsay Leveen is proposing that the US have an "Engineering General" just like we have a Surgeon General.  The Engineering General would set policy on  the problems associated with the usage of products from an engineering perspective particularly energy consumption.  Hummers would have a warning sticker like "Danger the Engineering General has determined that this vehicle has so poor fuel efficiency that you could run 1,507 TVs 7 by 24 365 days per year with the gasoline you are going to use each year driving 15,000 miles"

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