Dr. Dalefield's Toxicology Quiz Prize

Toxicology Quiz Prize

Each month, all the contestants who get the highest score in the quiz go into a draw for a skull-and-crossbones T-shirt, perfect for Halloween, Piracy on the High Seas, or just general bad-taste dressing.

It comes in two sizes, large and XL, on white cotton.   I've had the skull and crossbones motif enlarged since this photograph was taken.

Like it? Want to win it?  Then go to
Dr. Dalefield's Toxicology Quiz

If you want more information, email me at  Rosalind@Dalefield.com

Toxicology Links

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Dr Aggrawal also runs an online journal, Anil Aggrawal's Internal Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 

Also, for more on the fascinating world of forensic medicine, take a look at Anil Aggrawal's Popular Forensic Medicine Page

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