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Giant Walking Dragline

Giant Walking Dragline from Meccano Outfit Manuals 1954-1961

Spanner part 34

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email: wes@dalefield.com

Fork Piece Large part 116

Wes's Current Meccano Projects

A page on the History of Meccano has been created.

I have started a website on various Meccano Erector images that other people have made and I like - take a look very nice!

  • A model of a Microelectronic Component Fabrication Facility (FAB) plant.  This model is now complete, click here to view it.
  • Rotating Base Ferris Wheel, based on prototype that was assembled in Battersea Pleasure Park, London.  This model was completed for the 2001 Melbourne Meccano Club Exhibition, click here to view it.
  • Click for link to Miniature Giant Walking Dragline A Miniature Giant Walking Dragline.
  • Functional Meccano Lathe. Based on the 1970 June & July Meccano Magazine Model.
.5" Helical Gear part 211a

Meccano photographs, Articles and Downloads

Universal Coupling part 140

  • Giant Walking Dragline  The photograph at the top of this page is a classic model. Click here if you want to see more photographs of it and read a published article on it, 7 pages. 
  • Giant Block-setting Crane  Like many Meccanomen I have built a version of it.  As a different theme I set myself the task of building it in blue! 4 pages.
  • Astronomical models  One of the most significant events in history must surely have been the discovery of the true relationship between the earth, sun and moon. Meccano makes an ideal medium for building an orrery, 3 pages.
  • Kids' picks  Photographs of models popular with children, 6 pages. *New, see the Australian Yellow-Backed-Spider and the Purple Mammoth page 6*
  • Fairground Models, 1 page. *New, see a rotating base ferris wheel*
  • Meccano Magazine Model Plans.   After several requests I have started scanning and uploading popular models published in the Meccano Magazine in past years.

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This site has joined the Meccano Web Ring.   Meccano enthusiasts will find it much easier to tour sites and to search for information they are looking for using this ring.  This is a far more effective system than trying to maintain a list of links.

Channel Bearing part 160

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Pulley 21

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