Giant Block-setting Crane Undercarriage

These photographs illustrate how the Antofogasta Block-setting Crane was able to turn sharp radii on it's tracks.

Meccano undercarriage of Giant Block-Setting Crane

Undercarriage of Giant Block-Setting Crane

On the right is the actual drive mechanism.  On the left is a photograph of an early attempt by Meccano Limited to model this.  It is not the structure used in SML4.  In fact if you look hard at the model you will realise that this is another piece of Meccano artwork.  It is impossible to construct this photograph using standard Meccano parts.  Also it would have also been an extremely weak structure which could not have supported the full weight of the model.

Boggies in blue

Above, my version with fully articulated bogies.

Meccano Magazine January 1925

Left: The January 1925 Meccano Magazine Cover that started it all!  Meccano Limited must have liked this cover because they reused this painting on the February 1936 issue of Meccano Magazine.  The price by then had risen to 6 pence an issue.

LargeToothed Quadrant part 167a

Above: Part 167a was introduced in 1970 and combined with part 167b makes part of an excellent bearing.

Below is a photograph of the Fishguard crane illustrated above.  This crane had a shorter base and longer boom than the Antofagasta crane.  The photograph was supplied by Ian Evans.


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