Giant Block-setting Crane Bracing in the Boom

Centre Boom of SML4

The illustration on the left shows the bracing of the boom in SML4.  It consisted of the occasional Double Angle Strip, part 48.  In my model I replaced these with Open ended Braced Girders, parts 100, 100a, 98 and 97.  This continued the theme that was originally developed in the base legs.

This illustration also gives a good view of the Geared Roller Bearing.

Centre of boom

Illustration of braced girders used in boom. 

An excellent version of the SML4 crane by Rémi Lanne's can be seen on Wes's favorite images.

Giant Roller Bearing part 167

Above: Geared Roller Bearing Part 167.   The picture is reproduced from the August 1928 Meccano Magazine. For a replacement system click here.

Right: one of the two remaining parts from the Geared Roller Bearing, part 167 to be left in the Meccano System.  The Pivot Bolt, 147b and Flanged wheel, 20b were introduced earlier. 

Flange Ring part 167b

Part 167b

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