Giant Walking Dragline, Meccano Magazine Model

I first saw this model as the "Pick of the Pops" model in the March 1962 Meccano Magazine.  If you want to build it yourself I have provided copies of the three instruction pages from the December 1952 Meccano Magazine in which it was first published.  These are the last three pages in this section.  There are more photographs in the 1952 article which help clarify construction than in the 1962 article.

Pick of the Pops March 1962 Meccano Magazine

"Pick of the Pops" 1962.  One modification that you have to carry out is to file flats on the final driveshaft to the walking feet.   An alternative, which I did, was to use Rod with Keyway, part 230.  Another modification that I would recommend is to mount the boom closer to the centre of gravity so that you do not need to use as much balast in the rear to balance the model.


Front view showing the control cabin windows.  String is used to mimic the window frames.  Like the prototype electicity for the motor is supplied by cable.

Front view Pick of the Pops


Meccano Instruction Manual No.1 1955

Left: Meccano 1955 Instruction Manual Set 1 - The first and not very often seen manual cover showing a Walking Dragline.  Note that Dad doesn't smoke as he has in previous paintings with the Block-setting Crane!

Key Bolt part 231Part 231

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