Giant Walking Dragline, Meccano Magazine Model... continued

Walking Dragline winding drums

A view of the winding drums.  The tyres are sprung against the Flanged Plate, part 53.  This acts as as a simple but effective brake.

You can also see the Rod and Keyways, joined by couplings,  in the last two axles of the drive system.


Close up showing the main control levers.  All motions on the model are reversed by reversing the electric motor using a lever on the right hand side of the controls.

Walking Dragline side view

If you want to know more about Giant Walking draglines, I would recommend the following articles:

  • Constructor Quarterly: Number 7, March 1990, page 31.  An excellent article by Nick Rudoe describing his own model and the background of Giant Walking Draglines.
  • Meccano Magazine: April 1952, page 146 or October 1957, page 484.  A description of the prototype at work.
  • Meccano Magazine: December 1952, page 576 or March 1962, page 116.  Construction details of the model above.

On the next three webpages you will find construction details from pages 567, 568 and 569 of the December 1952 Meccano Magazine.

Rod with Keyway part 230

Don Blakeborough built a magnificent model of the Giant Walking Dragline in 1997.  This is displayed on the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers Website.  Point your browser here to take a look!

Part 230

There is also an excellent article on Ken Senar's Walking Dragline on page 29 of the December 2001 Constructor Quarterly.  Ken won the Sir Alex Issignis Shield at SkegEx in 2001 with it!

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