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Leon Bollee Tricar 1896 by Don Wilson

Leon Bollee Tricar

One of our most accomplished Meccano modellers, Don chose this time a smaller model.  It was a realistic and detailed model of a Leon Bellee tricar dated 1896.  Older visitors, in particular, spent a lot of time studying and discussing Don's model.  You can also see a right hand view of the model.


Threaded Coupling part 63cPart 63c

None of Don's models are ever built from model plans.  He built the Leon Bollee from a picture on page 488 of the October 1960 Meccano Magazine.  This was a photograph of the one in the Science Museum in London, which he had seen several times in the flesh (so to speak).  Don found a book in the local Library of antique cars, showing a photograph of one taken from the opposite side to the Meccano Magazine picture, together with some written details of how it worked.  The rest he worked out from his own knowledge.

The result was very authentic, including the gear box, band drive clutch and their operation.  He put in a 6-12v Meccano electric motor (with gear ratios, hidden under the rear seat). It worked well using the drivers lever to control everything.

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