NZFMM 1999 Auckland Convention Introduction

The 1999 Bi-annual meeting of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers was held at Pakuranga Community Centre, Auckland.
  Below is a sample from the 25 fine models photographs.

Leon Bollee Tricar

Traction Engine  & other models

Mustang Fighter

Leon Bollee Tricar of 1896 - Don Wilson

Traction Engine etc. - William Irwin

Mustang  Fighter - Donald Malcolm

Index of Models
The best way to view the models is to just carry on from the "next page" hyperlink at the bottom of each page.

Page 1    Leon Bollee Tricar of 1896 by Don Wilson  Start here!
Page 1a  Leon Bollee Tricar of 1896 by Don Wilson (right hand view)
Page 1b  Leon Bollee Tricar of 1896 by Don Wilson (left detail)
Page 2    Tram Car by Neil Carey
Page 2a  Tram Car by Neil Carey (front view)
Page 3    Wind Yacht by John Ince
Page 4    Wind Power Generator by Bruce Geange
Page 5    Traction Engine, Motor Cycle with sidecar and south seeking chariot by William Irwin
Page 5a   Traction Engine (close up)
Page 6    P51D Mustang fighter plane by Don Malcolm.
Page 6a  P51D Mustang fighter plane by Don Malcolm. (rear port view)
Page 7    Electric Locomotive by Lou Nicholls
Page 8    Pontoon Crane by Robyn Rye
Page 8a  Pontoon Crane (detail)
Page 9    Gas Engine by David Wall
Page 10  Ping Pong Ball Colliery by John Hansen
Page 11  Locomotion No 1 by Lloyd Spackman
Page 12  Blue Gold 1930's vintage cars by Lou Nicholls
Page 13  Dockside Scene by Lou Nicholls
Page 14  Crawler Mounted Crane by Tony Ercolano
Page 15  Burrell Showman's Traction Engine by Robin Rye
Page 16  Caledonian locomotive by John Ince
Page 17  Daryl Anderson's Fairground
Page 18  The Ghost Train
Page 19  Wharf Scene by Don Blakeborough
Page 20  Robbie the Robot by Bob Prescott
Page 21  Cargo Liner by Robin Rye
Page 22  Tram Layout by Simon Moody
Page 23  Blocksetting Crane by Brian Hickson
Page 24  Bluebird Land Speed Record Car by Wayne Blakely
Page 25  The "Tiddly Bears" Picnic by David Wall

The Leon Bollee Tricar of 1896   modelled by Don Wilson was the winner of the Webmaster's Prize!

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