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Don's Giant Walking Dragline

Don Blakeborough and his magnificent Giant Walking Dragline!  The detailing of the model also includes the gantry mechanism at the rear of the crane for lifting machinery in and out of the crane.


Don used converted Black & Decker power Screwdrivers for the five main motors: slewing,  walking, boom height, dragging & hoist.  Diesel motors were run by Saturne Reducteur motors. Fans to cool the motors were both Crane motors.  The warning device when slewing was operated by a 6 speed motor.

The machine was operated by umbical cord from a small control panel.

Boom on Don's Giant Walking Dragline

1" Triangular Plate part 77Part 77

1" Corner Bracket part 133aPart 133a

Long Corner Bracket part 133bPart 133b

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