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Don Wilson's Submarine

Don Wilson of Wanganui is New Zealand's premier master builder of large exhibition models.  He has regularly produced outstanding models for the biannual NZFMM Easter Exhibitions.  The model below, exhibited at the 1997 Feilding Exhibition, is his latest masterpiece.

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Don Wilson's Submarine

This immaculately detailed submarine is 18 feet long!

The Webmaster sincerely regrets that Don did not use yellow Meccano or that the Beatles can't rewrite their song!

Don's submarine was not modelled on any particular class.   It has two snorkel tubes, 2 inch in the stern and 6 inch in the bow.  If you wish to know more about WWII submarines, follow this link to USS Pampanito (SS-383) which has many further links.

.75" Sprocket Wheel part 96aPart 96a

.1" Sprocket Wheel part 96Part 96

1.5" Sprocket Wheel part 95aPart 95a

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