NZFMM Webmaster's Prize

At the 1999 Convention, Don Blakeborough awarded a prize on behalf of the webmaster, Wes Dalefield.  It consisted of a small gear box with the ratios: 11:27 and 13:25.

Top view of gearbox

First Ratio

Second Ratio

Meccano SA are currently putting 11:25 ratio gear trains in some of their models.  These have the problem that they are not the correct 38DP tooth sum and can tend to lock.  These two ratios are suggested to modellers as a way to overcome this problem.  The 11 tooth gear is a standard Meccano pinion.  The 27 tooth gear is manufactured by Peter King of Christchurch and can be purchased through John Ince.  The 13 tooth gear is available through  Ets Maillot, Joel Perlin, MW Models and other dealers.  The 25 tooth gear is a standard Meccano pinion, however in the example supplied in the prize, it is a replica made by Ashok Banerjee of India.How the prize was awarded was entirely up to Don Blakeborough.  He was given free rein to award it in any subjective or objective way that he thought fit!  The Webmaster was very pleased with his choice.  Don's Tricar was a magnificent model.

2.5" Gear Wheel part 27cPart 27c

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