Outfit 10 Presentation Cabinet Variations

Set 10 Meccano Chest
Above: 1957 Presentation 10 Outfit in medium red/green

Above: 1959 Presentation 10 Outfit in light red/green

Stringing Variations:

Below: 1950 Top Stringing Card

Below: 1954 Top Stringing Card

In 1954 with the introduction of the new model plans, new parts were included in the outfit.  These included a 60 tooth gear, part 27d.  This was strung on top of the 2" gear wheel which can be seen in the top right hand corner of the photos above. A 15 tooth pinion was also strung in the gap just to the left of the worm gear.   The 1953 advertising booklet also shows the No 10 Outfit with something in this hole, but of course, no Gear, because they weren't introduced until 1954. The stringing cards were probably punched ahead of the inclusion of part 26c.
Part Variations:

An unusual part in these sets, was part number 129, rack segment being included in the first postwar introduction of the number 10 outfit.  This was to satisfy the need for one in model 10.13 Ambulance.  It was issued in matt black and stamped Meccano and Made in England.  They were withdrawn around 1950.  The example on the left is in matt black stamped with MADE IN ENGLAND and MECCANO.  All prewar examples were nickel plated and stamped with MECCANO, some with FABRIQUE EN ANGLETERRE and some with patent numbers, in many different combinations.

Outfit 10 for the years:







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