Outfit 10
1954-1957 Medium Red/Green Period

Outfit 10 Meccano Chest

The cabinet for the 1954-1957 outfit was the same as introduced in 1950.

The image above was taken from the Meccano 'Toys of Quality' Catalogue 1957.  The stringing card were much the same as used in the 1950 outfit. However there were some variations as detailed on Presentation Outfit Variations.

This period did see one of the most important developments of the 10 outfit: new model plans.  At the end of 1954 twelve special model leaflets were printed.  An additional eight, to extend the range to twenty were printed in January 1955, but had to be purchased separately!  Click the image for a larger view, note it is a very large file.

A green cardboard pouch held the instruction manuals for models that could be built with outfit number 10.

Greg Rahn provided the images below, they are from a 1956 set.  He found it close to mint with a lot of parts originally strung. He has restored it and it is as close to factory original as one can make it! It even has it's original "nest" of tissue under the boilers!-There are several "level" images. They are in descending layer order from top to bottom.  Click on the images to see a larger one.

Click for set over all
Set over all
Click for set under wheel card
Set under wheel card
Click for large flanged parts
Large flanged parts
Click for second tray dust card
Second tray dust card
Click for second tray top card
Second tray top card
Click for second tray middle second layers
Second tray middle second layers

Click for second tray middle bottom layers
Second tray middle bottom layers

Click for second tray boilers etc
Second tray boilers, etc

Click for second tray boilers etc
Second tray boilers, etc

Click for second tray wrapped 216 etc
Second tray wrapped 216 etc

Click for bottom

Click for bottom overall
Bottom overall

Click for parts boxes contents
Parts boxes contents


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