Outfit 10
1970-1978 Blue/Yellow/Zinc Period

The cabinet still has four drawers and the stringing cards are identical to those used in the 1958-1963 outfits.  Apart from changing the colour of the parts from the earlier period, the only changes occurred in the cabinet handles as shown below and a new plastic pouch to hold the instruction leaflets.

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Set 10 Cabinet 1975

Left, around 1973 the cabinet was changed to a "teak" finish and the handles were changed to L shaped aluminium.  The drawers were also no longer flush, but overlapping.  Parts were still strung onto cards.  For a full description of this cabinet and how to build it click here

Photographs courtesy of Graham Jost and William Irwin.

Click here if you want to view a MS Excel file of the contents of a 1970 Number Ten Outfit.

Click here if you want to view another ~1973 Number Ten Outfit.

In 1977, at the end of the mid blue, yellow, zinc period, a 3-drawer cabinet was introduced.  It had L-shaped aluminium handles, overhanging drawers, and white moulded plastic trays for the parts.  The top drawer contained the long girders at a skew angle.  Parts were no longer strung on cards instead they were loosely placed in the trays.  

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